Services for sharing sensitive data and privacy-preserving AI

We provide a solution for sharing data safely and reliably to untrusted third-parties. Our serverless platform allows hospitals and research institutions to share their data easily to their collaborators and the public.

Even without anonymization, sensitive and private data can be utilized by collaborators and external contributors to power advanced AI models, without the risk of leaking sensitive information.

AI experts, machine learning practitioners and tool builders can access sensitive datasets distributed across the globe.

By bringing life scientists and AI experts together, from both Academia and Industry, we allow you to unleash the power of collaborative AI in healthcare.

Sharing sensitive data

We provide a complete solution for sharing sensitive data to untrusted users, even without anonymization

Privacy-preserving AI

We make sure privacy is protected for AI applications. You can apply federated learning and train powerful AI models with data distributed across many different entities.

AI model and application serving

We provide a serverless platform for serving AI models, building and distributing AI tools rapidly.

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  • Providing access to sensitive data for untrusted users
  • Building privacy-preserving AI and federated learning applications
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ImJoy is created by the core team members
The company is born due to the vision and enthusiasm of the core team members
Looking forward to expand the team due to the increased demand for solutions
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